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Mission Statement and Philosophy


 Our Mission


Our mission is to provide families with the information and support they need to resolve, on mutually acceptable terms, the legal, financial and emotional elements of their family dispute.  We offer our clients the tools to reduce conflict and create a long-lasting resolution that redefines and preserves family relationships.  


In David Fink’s over 30 years of experience, he has learned that families do a much better job resolving their issues and conflicts than judges do in family court.  The key to this success is having access to the information they need to solve the problem themselves. Your and your partner may wish or need to preserve your ability to work together to co-parent your children or to maximize the value of jointly-held assets.  David helps families create agreements that factor in what is most important to each party, including their individual goals, values and other interests. The legal system, on the other hand, is designed to be adversarial, and to pit one side against the other. You may initially disagree how to best re-organize your family and your finances, but no one has as big a stake in a successful outcome than you do.  David’s priority is to use non-adversarial, problem-solving approaches to resolving conflict that promote healthy, practical and durable solutions


We value and promote the opportunity for families to resolve their own disputes in the way that is best for the family. Having a clear perspective of all of the choices available, and the consequences of those choices, leads to outcomes that are the most appropriate and long-lasting.