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  • Divorce is almost always a life crisis. It can take months or years to recover. These coping strategies should help. My latest blog in Psychology Today. If you’d like to see the titles and links to my previous 100+ articles, click here.
    Ann Gold Buscho, Ph.D.  PSY16643
  • Divorce Options is a live online workshop – Presenters explain the legal, financial, and emotional issues of divorce in a logical, yet compassionate way. People who are considering divorce may experience a whirlwind of conflicting emotions including grief, anger, relief…and fear of the unknown.

    With the guidance of a team of legal, financial, and mental health professionals, workshop participants gain a greater understanding of the often confusing and overwhelming divorce process options. The workshop is designed to give divorcing spouses the information they need to help them move forward.

    A family law attorney will discuss issues of timing, what you have to do to get divorced, and child and spousal support. A divorce financial specialist covers many of the financial issues that are present in most divorces such as gathering financial information, dividing property, real estate issues, and tax consequences of divorce. A mental health professional will discuss the sharing of parenting responsibilities, how to tell the children, the emotional aspects of divorce and the typical impact of divorce on children including adult children.

    The Divorce Options monthly workshops are now presented by Collaborative Divorce professionals electronically using Zoom. The 2-3-hour workshop is offered on the FIRST Saturday of every month in 2023, from 9:00 am – 12:00 pm. There is no fee to attend, but pre-registration at Eventbrite is necessary:

    The Zoom invitation will be sent the day before the event. Registration is necessary to receive an invitation.