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Temporary Private Judging and Arbitration


Arbitration And Temporary Private Judge Services

Arbitration and Temporary Private Judge are two valuable family law dispute resolution methods. Often underutilized, they can offer clients and their lawyers a bit more control over the process than when using the public court system.

Both arbitration and using a Temporary Private Judge are voluntary processes. Both can be used to resolve a divorce, parenting dispute or other family conflicts.

What Is Arbitration?

An arbitrator is a neutral who has significant experience in family law.  Typically, the disputants, along with their attorneys, present their case to the arbitrator who makes a decision in the matter.

There are two types of arbitration: binding or non-binding. If the parties do not want a binding decision, the arbitrator can still provide a neutral l evaluation of their case.

What Is A Temporary Private Judge?

In California, this process is an alternative to having your case heard in a public courtroom. Using a Temporary Judge, or a temporary private judge, requires the agreement of everyone involved and the approval of the court.

The same protections and rights that are available in the public court process are available with a temporary judge. The judgment of a temporary private judge is just as effective as one obtained in court and, therefore, you have the same rights to an appeal if necessary.

The advantages of using a temporary judge include choosing your judicial officer, knowing that your judge has knowledge and understanding of family law and having greater flexibility in setting hearings, which can promote an efficient resolution of your case.

David is a well regarded and sought after Temporary Private Judge and Arbitrator.  His 20 years of courtroom experience, and his focus on assisting parties to reach agreements, gives him a unique perspective.