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Conflict can be the root of a couple’s problems and is often a contributing factor to their decision to divorce. It does not, however, have to be a driving force as the partners untangle their lives from each other and work to end their marriage. In California, couples may use Collaborative Process to bring their unions to their ends and the non-litigious process can have some unexpected benefits.

First, a collaborative divorce often begins with the parties making a formal agreement to conduct themselves responsibly and respectfully during the process. They may promise to listen to each other and to pursue their interests in good faith rather than act in ways that may be intended to cause the other detriment. Beginning a divorce with an agreement can set the tone for a successful collaboration to achieve a divorce.

Second, the participants in collaborative divorces are able to avoid spending time in court when they are able to work out their differences with the help of their collaborative attorneys, coaches and financial neutral. If individuals working through collaborative divorces find that the process is not working well for them, or they are unable to reach agreements and need someone to make divorce-related decisions for them, they can transfer their divorce back to the courts and complete it through litigation.

Due to the more peaceful approach collaborative divorce takes when compared to its litigious counterpart, it is often the case that individuals feel more confident and comfortable with their divorces than individuals who litigated their cases feel. Peace of mind, agreement over conflict and no court time are only a few of the benefits collaborative divorcees experience and those who want to know more about the process may wish to speak with collaborative divorce attorneys in their areas.

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